Posting your recommender info etiquette

Please keep the comments to the designated post.
And don't lie about how many carats will be received.
The recommender always gets 5 carats while the new player always gets 10.
Failure to comply with these rules will result in said comment deleted.

Dungeon Poll Results

The poll results are in! The poll question was on what dungeon level everyone was on.
A total of 1,046 votes were tallied and here are the results:

Poll Question: "What dungeon level are you on?"
[Level 01-30] had 31.8% with 333 votes
[Level 31-60] had 48.3% with 505 votes
[Level 61-90] had 19.9% with 208 votes
Total votes: 1,046

As one can expect, most people playing Hello Hero are in the lower and middle parts of the dungeon, although a significant amount, almost 20%, are in the top third of the dungeon.

If you are stuck on the dungeon, be sure to check out the Dungeon Guide and Tips page!
Happy playing!

Recommender Name and Referrals

If you are just starting the game, you can enter the name of a recommender to get 10 bonus carats! However, if you don't know of anyone who plays, you can take a look down below for a name of someone who does!

If you are already playing, you can post your in-game name and server down below.

Comments Section on Carat Guide

Due to the vast amount of comments on the carat collecting guide, I have decided to temporarily turn off comments on that page. I am deciding of the possibility of creating a separate page to post your recommender/referral name.

Poll: What dungeon level are you on?

Since the last guide I wrote was the dungeon guide, I wanted to take a poll on what level dungeon everyone was on. This would bring insight if a lot of people were stuck early on or if a lot of people are just waiting for new dungeons. So, what dungeon level are you on? Be sure to vote!